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Don't settle for bland food just because you're trying to appease your appetite in a hurry. Our fast team will freshly prepare your delicious Chinese food and have it ready or delivered to you in less time than it takes to cook!

Delight your taste buds

Tempt your tongue with delicious:

Beef dishes - starting at $5.79

Seafood dishes - starting at $ 5.99


Chicken / Pork dishes - starting at $5.29 Piping hot soups - starting at $1.49  

Combination platters - as low as $5.79

Lo Mein / War Mein - starting at $5.49

•  Please everyone with our family-style dinner choices for 2 - 5 people!

•  Vegetarian choices as low as $3.99

•  Authentic Mandarin and Szechwan dishes starting at just $7.99

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Spoiling yourself with a delicious meal or snack is affordable with us. Save even more off our affordable menu selections with our great coupons. Enjoy our special offers and treat yourself more often so you can sit back and relax after a long, hard day.

Enjoy a fulfilling meal without breaking your budget

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